Fly Arrow Fly {Knitted Hat}

One of the things I love most about photography is the opportunities that it affords. When I was working as a nurse, I once had a job that took me all over Colorado and Wyoming. It was exhilarating to travel to so many places and meet new people. I loved the challenge and the opportunities for growth that it provided. However, I was always walking into situations that were dire and utterly heartbreaking. With photography, I feel as if I have found a happy {keyword is happy} medium. Not only do I get to be self-employed, but I also get to travel and meet new people who are usually celebrating their lives. I am continually challenged by light, people, outfits, weather, etc. and sometimes I get to partake in projects that I wouldn’t have anticipated. It’s a perfect fit.

A couple months ago one of my good friends asked me to take some photos of her wearing a hat that her sister-in-law, Lydia, had knit. Lydia is thinking of starting a formal business and wanted to be able to share some of the photos on her Instagram page. She is really talented not only at knitting but also at weaving. Her are some of the photos that we took…


You can see more of Lydia’s amazing work on her Instagram page, @flyarrrowfly. And a special thank you our beautiful model, Brigette. 🙂

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