The Squaggle {Senior Girls Session | Aurora, CO}

Before I explain the word “squaggle” let me give you a little back story…

I met a girl named Hannah about 5 years ago when we were attending the same church. From the moment I met her, I was impressed.  She had a sweet spirit, thoughtful disposition, and a genuine love for the Lord. She is also the only teenager I have ever trusted to babysit my kiddos, so there is that. 😉  While we no longer attend the same church, I have continued to watched her mature into a wonderful, young woman. As she journeyed through her Senior year of high school, I noticed that she was consistenly posting photos of her with a group of three other girls on Facebook. From that an idea was born…

Enjoying Now Photography has only ever had a handful of seniors clients. We have photographed babies, families, weddings and engagements but not that many teens. I would love to further develop that aspect of the business. It was from that place I decided to contact Hannah about photographing her and her friends.  I explained that I would like to do a special shoot for them before they all went off to college. I pictured us planning an elaborate shoot over coffee meetings and deep conversations, but unfortunately two of the girls were leaving the state immediately after their graduation. At this point we had only a week to make it all come together.

Thankfully I had just happened upon a new coffee shop in South East Aurora, Legend’s Coffee, a few weeks prior that had some beautiful decor {and tasty coffee}. I pitched my idea to the girls and somehow we all made it happen. Legend’s was very gracious about opening up their business to us and making us feel welcome {Thanks you guys!}. Oh, and wait until you see how wonderfully the girls coordinated their outfits in such a short period of time! #proudphotographer While I am a planner at heart, this spontaneous session could not have come together any better. The girls were so outgoing, photogenic and open with me in our short hour together. They even shared with me the name they have for their group: The Squaggle. It was born from the combination of two words, squad + goals = squaggle, on one “unforgettable” trip to Elitches when they all were first becoming friends. 🙂

Here are some of my favorites from our time together…


{aren’t these girls just BEAUTIFUL?!}legendshannah+Aurora+Senior+Girls+Photographer+Legends+Coffee-17legends2Aurora+Senior+Girls+Photographer+Legends+Coffee-27



And each of the girls wrote a little bit about what their friendship has meant to them. Reading these was one of my favorite parts. I hope my daughter someday has a group of friends like these girls.

PicMonkey Image






May the Lord bless each of you girls as you enter the next chapter in your lives! College will undoubtedly bring new friendships. Thankfully, I know from my own experience, that true friendships never die. May you always make time to meet and catch up over a cup of coffee.





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