Ali Headshot Collage
Growing up I always thought that I was more of a left-brained person. I loved math and science in school and never gave much thought {or effort} to the Arts. Then I discovered blogging. It was while reading about other people’s creativity that I had the courage to experiment with my own. In 2009, I decided to use my overtime bonus one month {I am also a registered nurse} to purchase my first DSLR, a Nikon D-60. I had high hopes for learning photography but unfortunately it sat unused for about 6 more months.

Once I finally picked it up and learned how to shoot manually, I was hooked.

Pictures have a wonderful way of capturing the people, the moments and the memories that we all treasure most. I believe it is an honor to be the person behind the camera. It is a passion of mine to make my clients feel comfortable enough to be completely themselves so that I am able to capture the beauty that God has created in each person and their relationships.

In this day and age, quality, digital photography can be expensive. I believe that everyone should be able to afford professional-style photos that they can be proud to share with the ones that they love. I would consider it a blessing and a privilege to be able to take photos of the people or the moments that you are enjoying right now.

Other fun-facts:

  • I am primarily a natural light, on-location photographer.
  • I love variety in my life–meeting new people and seeing new places energizes me.
  • I have three precious kiddos of my own that I adore. They help keep me humble, grounded and sleep-deprived.
  • Perfection is never an expectation during any of my sessions. I want to capture real people and real relationships.
  • I also love Starbucks coffee, Jesus, the mountains, avocados, Target and my husband {but not necessarily in that order}